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I'm Shayne McMillin. Creating meaningful experiences for people that gain attention and add value is what I love to do. I have a continuous desire to learn new techniques and skills to fulfill the project demand.


I am looking for a culture with a business casual atmosphere and likes to have fun but still set and accomplish goals.

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My Creative Recipe

Having a formula for your creative process allows you to have consistent, predictable results. This is the difference between positive thinking and positive knowing. Although I am continually refining, this is the thought process that has created the best results for me.



The client and I discuss the background and benefits by carefully listening and writing down keyword adjectives for the project. Those keywords are then expanded using synonyms for those words and eliminating words that may mean close to the same or no longer apply, usually ending up with about 100 words. This generates a lot of ideas and creates a creative frenzy.

I take those words, mix and match them together, and create many ideas. After picking the solutions that best fit the project goals, I start the visual process. If it's a logo the icon exhibits the traits of the two words or if it's a marketing tagline I use the words in the campaign. The more the consumer hears those words the more they believe them.


I put all my ideas through the wringer. Is this the best color palette, imagery, layout, and typography? Will this solve the problem? Will this hit their target market? Getting feedback from others can also confirm that validate that you are on the right track.


The project, each decision, and outcome is built with these words in mind. 


I'm looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.


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